The Wolf’s 2016 US Election Guide

US election

The Wolf’s 2016 US Election Guide

The Wolf has analysed the 2016 US election and found plenty of great bets for election punters.

Winning Party: Democrats ($1.40)
Next US President: Hilary Clinton ($1.42)
The recent email scandal has only served to make Hilary Clinton eminently bettable. She leads all major polls and will attract a bigger turnout from the ‘silent majority’ than in any recent election.

Donald Trump % Vote: 44.00 – 46.99% ($2.80)
Not since 1984 has a losing candidate received less than 47% of the popular vote (bar 1992 when third-party candidate Ross Perot polled exceptionally well) but Trump has polarised too many to go any higher.

Electoral College Vote Handicap: Hilary Clinton -99.5 ($2.25)
This market will likely be decided by Ohio. Clinton looks good for at least 302 with a win in Ohio to boost her to 320 and a backdoor cover.

State of Georgia: Republicans ($1.14)
Georgia has always voted conservative and Hilary Clinton is unlikely to change that. Polls have Trump well ahead.

State of Alaska: Republicans ($1.19)
Alaska has voted Republican at 10 straight elections, polling over 54.5% in the last four.

State of Florida: Democrats ($2.00)
Florida has gone with the eventual president at the last five elections and nine of the last 10. Most polls have Clinton ahead.

State of Iowa: Democrats ($3.40)
Betting in this is totally wrong. The Democrats have won Iowa at five straight elections and polls are incredibly close with some having Clinton in front.

State of New Mexico: Democrats ($1.10)
New Mexico is not even considered a battleground state. With a high population of Latin American decent, there is no hope this goes Trump.

State of Colorado: Democrats ($1.30)
Clinton leads Colorado polls by nearly three percentage points and the state has gone with the eventual winner in eight of the last nine elections.

State of Minnesota: Democrats ($1.15)
Clinton has double-digit leads in polling and the state last went Republican in 1972. Minnesota goes Clinton.

State of Virginia: Democrats ($1.16)
Virginia polls have Clinton leading by anywhere between 4 and 12 points. She is in no danger of losing the state.

State of Maine: Democrats ($1.10)
Clinton leads all polls by at least six percentage points and the Democrats have won Maine at five straight elections. This state is not in dispute.

State of North Carolina: Democrats ($1.88)
The key battleground state. Has typically gone Republican but polling is pointing to a close Clinton win.

State of Arizona: Republicans ($1.36)
Trump leads most credible polls and is spending little in the state suggesting he is confident of a Republican retain.

State of New Hampshire: Democrats ($1.40)
New Hampshire has gone Democrat in five of the last six elections. Clinton leads most major polls.

State of Ohio: Democrats ($3.00)
Ohio has gone with the winning candidate at every election since 1944 bar one making Clinton a good chance of an upset in this rustbelt state.