Trump, Clinton Go Odds On For White House Battle


For the first time since announcing their individual aims for the White House, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have gone odds on to contest the US presidential election.

The outspoken Trump has been the biggest mover with bookmaker William Hill, originally opening at $21 to win the Republican nomination , he now sits out front at $1.70. Meanwhile, Hilary Clinton has remained the Democrats firm favourite since day one and remains $1.12 with William Hill to take top spot.

“Donald Trump taking on Hilary Clinton to become the USA’s Commander and Chief is as real as it gets now. They’ve firmed to become the out-and-out favourites at $1.90 for the first time,” said William Hill spokesman Tim Ashworth.

“Marco Rubio remains Trump’s closest blocker to winning the Republican nomination at $2.20, while Sanders has drifted to $6.00 for the Democrats.”

Who Will Contest The Presidential Election?
$1.90   Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump
$2.45   Hillary Clinton vs Marco Rubio
$10      Bernie Sanders vs Donald Trump
$13      Bernie Sanders vs Marco Rubio
$23      Hillary Clinton vs Ted Cruz

Republican Candidate
$1.70   Donald Trump
$2.20   Marco Rubio
$21      Ted Cruz
$26      John Kasich
$101    Mitt Romney
$101    Ben Carson
$101    Paul Ryan

Democratic Candidate
$1.12   Hilary Clinton
$6.00   Bernie Sanders
$34      Joe Biden