Election Tip Sheet: Exotics

Australain federal election

Election Tip Sheet: Exotics

In the countdown to Election 2016, The Wolf will dish out his best election bets with all 150 seats available at William Hill.

Coalition 81-85 Seats ($3.40)
Coalition – Exactly 82 Seats ($14.00)
The Wolf is forecasting 82 seats for the Coalition, smack bang in the middle of the 81-85 band. Exactly 82 seats is worth a spec.

Hung Parliament – No ($1.18)
The floor for the Coalition is 80 seats. There is almost no chance of a hung parliament.

Coalition -14.5 Seats ($2.10)
The money has come for the ALP at the current line but one upset and the Coalition cover and there are 4 or 5 seats where the Coalition are outsiders but could conceivably win.

Loser to Concede 10pm – 11pm ($2.60)
The Coalition should win this with some ease meaning a reasonably early concession is on the cards.

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