NRL Stats Watch: Finals Week 2


NRL Stats Watch: Finals Week 2 Numbers

Week Two of the finals can through up some interesting betting angles and stats. Here are the 10 most important. All numbers are since 2008.

  1. Home teams are 11-5 with a 10-6 ATS record
  2. Home teams have an average winning margin of 10.88 in the second week of the finals
  3. Home teams average 25.69 points, over two points more than any other week of the finals
  4. Home underdogs are a perfect 3-0 ATS
  5. The under is 8-4 when there is an interstate team that must travel
  6. Teams off a win of 13-plus are 2-5 ATS
  7. When a team won by 13-plus the week prior, the under is 6-1
  8. The under is 8-4 when a team plays its second final on a rest of 6 days or less
  9. The home team has posted 30 in 3 of the last 4 Week 2 finals matches
  10. Only three outsiders have won a Week 2 finals match outright since 2008
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